3 Tips to Get Started With Yoga

Looking for a little inspiration to get started with yoga? 

In this article, I talk about three things that will help you in your new yoga journey. You’ll want to read this if you’re a beginner yogi or if you’re looking for motivation to start. (If you’d rather watch the video where I talk about this, scroll down!)

If you’re brand new to yoga, make sure you also visit my complete Yoga for Beginners FAQ. This guide will answer a lot of your questions.

And now for the tips (drum roll, please):

1. Be gentle with yourself.

We have a term in yoga philosophy, “Ahimsa,” which means non-violence. We can interpret this in many ways, but I like to consider how to apply it to ourselves in regards to our yoga practice. Remembering Ahimsa during our practice guides us to accept ourselves completely, no matter how strong and flexible we are (or aren’t) at this moment. 

So start slow. Be patient with your progress. Respect your body and its current limitations.  There’s no need to start jumping immediately into handstands or putting your feet behind your head.

And on that note, refrain from comparing yourself to other people. There will always be someone stronger or more flexible. Look inward for progress. The best part of yoga happens on the inside. Appreciate the stubtle progression of your practice.


2. Find a great teacher.

Sure, you can learn from books, and you can mimic what you see on social media. But a good teacher is everything.

A good teacher will teach you how to modify a pose to fit your body. A good teacher will weave in the deeper elements of yoga, beyond the physical. A good teacher will also help build your confidence in your yoga practice.


3. When in doubt, breathe.

Yoga is all about the breath. Through our yoga practice, we’re looking to find a deeper harmony between our body and mind, and we use breath as a tool to do this.

Connect each movement with breath as you flow. When you hold a pose, breathe into any sensations you feel; breathe into your whole body. I always tell my students that the breath is our anchor to the present moment. 

Now I have a gift for you: a guide to the 7 Key Yoga Poses for Beginners. Click here to download it for free.

Download this free guide to the 7 most important yoga poses for beginners.


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