Chair Pose at the Wall

Join me for this fun variation of chair pose (Utkatasana) on the wall! 

This version of chair pose will strengthen your quads, hips, and lower back, but it’s also a bit easier on cranky knees than the “standard” chair pose.

All you need is a wall. Step back towards the wall, walk your feet out and then begin to slide your back down on the wall.

If you feel pressure on your knees, walk your feet forward in front of you a bit more and don’t take the squat quite as deep.

As for your upper body, keep your spine neutral (don’t press your low back flat into the wall, let that natural curve stay), and explore different arm variations.

First, keeping your palms down on your lap will help you feel your body (specifically your quads) engaging. A few other options you might want to try:  Spread your arms out wide with the palms facing forward. Or classic chair pose with your arms reaching up by your ears (this could possibly be a little more intense on your shoulders as well as your low back, so listen to your body as you move through these variations). It’s also always nice to keep your palms together at heart center in prayer position.

Tune in. Breathe into any sensation you feel. Hold for at least ten breaths, and then gently stand up. 

Let me know if you’d like to see more “wall yoga.” 


  1. Betsy

    Excellent demonstration of chair pose!


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