How to Get Your Mojo Back

Are you feeling drained?

What about overwhelmed?

Uninspired? Exhausted?

If so, then it’s very likely that your energy is leaking.

Sounds a bit funny, doesn’t it? Energy leakage. In the self-improvement world, they call it Energy Drains, but it’s all the same idea. Basically, you’ve lost your mojo.

Exhausted? Uninspired? Here's how to get your energy & mojo back.

Last week on the blog we talked about four specific ways to immediately increase your energy levels.

Today I want to delve into another side of energy.

Sometimes it’s just not as simple as getting more sleep and eating well. Health is a holistic thing. Our mind gets just as exhausted as our body does.

Imagine your reserve of energy is a glowing ball of golden light contained inside of you. It keeps you going. This light fuels your passion and your zest for daily living.

The problem is, if you don’t mind it carefully, this light can leak out of you.

So, where is your energy leaking?

Are you stuck in the past, or are you always worried about the future? Notice if you’re having trouble enjoying the present moment.

Are you spending time with people who zap your energy? Notice your community. Can you shift a bit and start surrounding yourself with more people who lift you up?

Are you talking too much without taking a moment to consider what you’re actually saying (aka “word vomit”). Do you ever get swept away in the moment and find yourself gossiping? Can you try to be more mindful about your words?

Is your energy consumed by your phone and social media? Just scrolling through facebook can be a massive energy leak. Consider taking a break every now and then.

Are you a perpetual people pleaser? Are you giving away your light, your energy, to others? Notice your boundaries and see how you can strengthen them.

These are just a few examples. There are so many other areas in life your energy could be leaking: Anxious overthinking, being too hard on yourself, procrastination, repressing emotions, lack of self-care, bad habits.

So take a moment and consider where you are spending your reserve of energy, and how you’re going to fix it. How are you going to “stop up the leak,” so to speak?

Intuitively, you know what’s not working for you. You know straight up where your energy is going. Be honest with yourself.

Ask yourself, what do I need to do to change? To get back my zest for life? To get back my inspiration? My passion?

Yoga is one way to bring yourself back into balance by restoring the mind and body. Next week on the blog, I’ll go into specific yoga poses to try for instant energy.

Where do you think your energy is leaking? Tell me below in the comments!


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