Meet Mikah

I’m Mikah Horn, certified yoga teacher and trusted wellness expert, currently serving Granbury and Fort Worth, Texas. I’m so glad you’re here! Your health and happiness is super important to me and my mission is to help you move better so you can feel better.

Latest From the Blog

5 Minute Chair Yoga for a Sore Back

Do this short chair yoga flow anytime your lower back needs a little extra love!  I don't talk about it much, but I used to suffer from lower back pain quite a bit. So it's one of my favorite things to work on with my students, because I know first hand how yoga can...

3 Tips to Get Started With Yoga

Looking for a little inspiration to get started with yoga?  In this article, I talk about three things that will help you in your new yoga journey. You'll want to read this if you're a beginner yogi or if you're looking for motivation to start. (If you'd rather watch...

Yoga for Better Posture

This week's video is a 10 minute yoga sequence for improving your posture. Our lifestyle today leads to our bodies constantly in a slumped over position. Typing, gardening, even just using our phones all the time. This leads to back pain, balance issues, and all sorts...

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